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October 2020

2020 Date TBD. Tickets go on sale the Tuesday following Labor Day.

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2019 Derby Results

1st Place "King of the Reach" = Justin Sprengel (74 fish)

2nd Place  = John Plugoff (60 fish)

3rd Place = Jason Bryan (54 fish)

4th Place = TJ Hester (47 fish)

5th Place = Gregg Couch (46 fish)

6th Place* = Adam Geddes (45 fish) 

7th Place* = Brad Wagner (45 fish)

8th Place* = Carson Hyatt (45 fish)

9th Place* = Rylan Weythman (40 fish)

10th Place* = Dell Burton (40 fish)

*In case of tie, final places were determined by a coin toss at Awards Banquet.

400+ Participating Anglers
Collected 1546 Wild Salmon!