King of the Reach

October 29-31, 2021

Effective Saturday, October 16th, 2021 at 6pm King of the Reach Angler entries will close. Visit the CCA Tri-Cities Facebook page for more information.

Derby Angler Resources: 

(*Prize package totalling nearly a $1000.00 value, with Adult entry PLUS CCA Membership*)

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2021 Derby Results

King of the Reach Winner: w/34 fish Jason & Melissa Leonard

2nd Place w/33 fish Jason Bryan

3rd Place w/23 fish John Plughoff

*4th Place w/22 fish Steven Davis

*4th Place w/22 fish Dell Burton

*4th Place w/22 fish John Casey

7th Place w/21 fish Rylan Weythman

8th Place w/20 fish Don McBride

9th Place w/18 fish Adam Geddes

*10th Place w/17 fish Wade Roberts

*10th Place w/17 fish Travis Street





*In case of tie, final award packages were chosen by drawing names at the award ceremony.

Over 300 Participating Anglers
Collected 603 Wild Fall Chinook Salmon!